May 17, 2018 11 30 AM CDT
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May 2018 Chapter Meeting

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May 2018 Chapter Meeting

In today's rapidly changing world, building and sustaining authentic relationships is more crucial than ever. Whether through traditional or social networking, creating a powerful circle of influence can help you succeed. But for many of us, networking doesn't come easy. In NAKED Networking, Kari reveals a 5-step process (in an easy-to-remember NAKED acronym) to help you break through networking fears. NAKED Networking is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and take risks in connecting with others, whether it's via a platform such as LinkedIn, face-to-face at an event, or using digital communication. In this program, learn:
  • Networking Strategy: Learn a powerful 3-step strategy to apply in both traditional and social media networking to increase your success of building powerful "circles of influence". Hear real-world examples of how this approach was applied and its resulting outcomes.
  • Pushing Past Fear: Does fear hold you back from connecting to new contacts with confidence? Learn simple ways to face - then overcome - barriers to networking success. Hear characteristics of common personas in the networking process. Identify which one best matches your approach; know your strengths and weaknesses to achieve true breakthrough. 
  • If you've ever stereotyped extroverts as charismatic and introverts as aloof - think again. in this presentation, you will hear common networking myths debunked and learn how introverts can be just as comfortable networking as extroverts.
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